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We are an ecosystem of highly technological organs that develop innovative solutions and projects.

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Since 2018, Involve Group has been a continuously expanding family

From the parent company Involve Space, dedicated to the development of pseudo-satellite platforms in the aerospace field, emerges Involve Productions, which deals with advertising stratospheric launches. Then Roar Podcast is born, to tell the innovation of which Involve itself is a protagonist in the world.

Involve Space

Get you closer to space

Pseudo-satellite stratospheric autonomous platform and intelligent software to enable access to space.

Involve Space is the only Italian provider of stratospheric flights and one of the leaders in Europe.
We offer a pseudo-satellite platform for aerospace launches for test missions, Earth observation, and atmospheric research.
The company also develops an innovative intelligent software to effectively and autonomously manage both individual and collective positioning of networks of entities of various kinds (including stratospheric balloons, satellites, and pseudo-satellites).

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+39 031 412 3914

Involve Productions

Launch your product into space for unconventional advertising.

Using the technology and platform of the aerospace company Involve Space, we mount your brand's product on a probe that will break through 35,000 meters of altitude, pulled by a large zero-emissions balloon.

The intention of Involve Productions is to diversify the assets and communication strategies of companies, with a careful orientation towards visuals and unconventional activities.

Here, the digital and offline worlds meet, offering the authentic and sensational experience of a spaceflight with the audiovisual product obtained from the probe, which can become the vehicle for the advertising campaign: a breathtaking view of our Earth and infinite space.
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+39 031 412 9621

Roar Podcast

The podcast to make our voice heard.

Roar Podcast was born from the need, symbolically, to make our voice heard. By rhetorically linking the project's name to the sound produced by the roar of felines, the mission of the format is to be transmitted in a simple but effective way: to use the online production and publication of dynamic, viral content to launch impactful and inspiring calls to action and messages.

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