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Involve Space

Getting you closer to space

Pseudo-satellite stratospheric autonomous platform and intelligent software to enable access to space.

Involve Space is the only Italian provider of stratospheric flights and one of the leaders in Europe.
We offer a pseudo-satellite platform for aerospace launches for test missions, Earth observation, and atmospheric research.
The company also develops an innovative intelligent software to effectively and autonomously manage both individual and collective positioning of networks of entities of various kinds (including stratospheric balloons, satellites, and pseudo-satellites).

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The future of space in Italy

With the sponsorship of the Italian Space Agency and the Lombardy Region and the support and presence of the European Space Agency and industry giants such as D-Orbit and Telespazio, thanks to this event we offer a unique look at the New Space Economy, enhancing Italian excellence.

Lariospace is a beacon for innovation, a showcase for Italian excellence and a reference point for the space ecosystem.

The future awaits us, and LarioSpace is the key to open the door.

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Roar Podcast

The podcast to make our voice heard

Roar Podcast was born from the need, symbolically, to be heard.

By rhetorically linking the naming of the project to the sound produced by the roar of felines, we want to convey the mission of the format in a simple but effective way: Roar is the unconventional podcast that travels from Earth to space to launch messages of impact and inspiration.

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